About supper

We are passionate about eating good, healthy food

Mission Statement

We strive to give more people the opportunity to eat healthy, good quality and freshly home-cooked food with the convenience of it being delivered to the door, hot and ready to enjoy. We view and pride ourselves on being advocates for leading healthy lifestyles and we will strive to end the trend of reliance on ready-meals, sandwiches and traditional takeaways as a staple diet for too many hard working individuals.

Our vision
Everyone deserves home-cooked food

With an ever growing demand on our time, it is sad that now only 12% of Britons cook from scratch on a regular basis. At a time when we are ever more conscious about what we eat, eating a nutritious home-cooked meal is all too often an infrequent luxury. At Supper we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to eat home-cooked food who currently don't have the time or inclination to do so.

Our team of chefs share a passion for food and an enjoyment that comes with delivering a service that is beneficial for people in their community. Our customers can choose their preferred chef or any type of cuisine available, giving a truly personal experience.

Brand Values
Everyone is part of our Supper family

Our wonderful customers, passionate chefs and tireless delivery drivers are at the core of what Supper stands for. We aim to treat everyone as a valued part of Supper and want everyone to feel that they have a voice and can shape Supper to better serve them as an individual.

Whether you are a customer or member of the team, your opinion and feedback really matters as we will always strive to improve and continue to deliver quality, healthy and home-cooked food at all times.

Meet the team

Meet some of the team behind Supper
Duncan Scott, Founder & CEO
Duncan Scott, Founder & CEO

Duncan founded Supper in 2014 after building up a successful career centred around Commercial Strategy and Management with a background in Economics and Wealth Management. Duncan's passion for cooking and eating healthily is firmly instilled into the core ethos of Supper to deliver customers something special and unique.

Nick Bolter, Head of Personnel
Nick Bolter, Head of Personnel

Nick looks after all of our passionate chefs and busy drivers at Supper. After graduating with a degree in Hospitality Management, Nick has gone on to build a career in the industry, including running a successful hotel in Guildford and more recently running events and hospitality for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Rhiannon Lambert, Nutritionist
Rhiannon Lambert, Nutritionist

Rhiannon, based in Harley Street, ensures that all of our delicious food meets the health standards you as a customer expect. Rhiannon's main areas of expertise lie in weight control and eating disorders and she is regularly a voice of expertise in these matters on TV and in the press. In her spare time, Rhiannon is also a world-class Soprano.

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