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An app to help
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Start earning
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Supper Design your own menu
Open for business
on your terms

Our app puts you in control.

You can view and choose your menu for that day, set your opening hours, prices and stock control, at home or on the go, whenever you want to cook.

Supper  Open for business on your terms
Supper You choose what from your menu is being cooked each day
Alerts and schedules
to track your orders
  • Get an alert every time you receive a new order
  • View all your upcoming orders in one simple calendar
  • See the pick up time and receive an alert when your driver is close by
  • See how your food was rated after it has been delivered
View how good your food is

As chefs, we want to know if our food has been well received and enjoyed.

With Supper’s rating system, customers instantly feedback about the dish and our 5 star rating system shows how good your food is to other potential customers.

With space for testimonials on your menu, your great food will be enjoyed and recognised.

Supper  Open for business on your terms
Other helpful features
Supper Design your own menu

Track your earnings

Our app lets you see exactly how much you have earned, your sales revenues, commission levels and what will be going into your bank account each week.

Supper Cook when you want to cook

Add new dishes

Inspired by a new recipe whilst out and about…you can add it to your menu instantly on the app as well as the website. Just upload the ingredients and it is ready to cook.

Supper Make the money you want

Get support

Any help or support you need, we are here for you. Contact the right person at Supper for your needs and we will work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your cooking.

Become your own Head Chef today
Supper Become your own Head Chef today